How many businesses will my assistant be working for?

Pending on the package you choose your assistant will be working for between 1 and 3 Australian and New Zealand businesses at any one time. By minimising the number of businesses that your assistant is exposed to allows them to get a much better understanding of you and your business.

Will my assistant answer every single call within 3 rings?

Your assistant will generally answer the phone within 3 rings providing they are available. However, we are not a call centre, and cannot guarantee that every single call will be answered within three rings. Your assistant may already be on the phone to another one of your clients or one of the shared businesses customers who your assistant is servicing. Your assistant will become a well – trained staff member of your business and will, therefore, be able to offer a much higher service to your customers than a standard call centre.

Pending on your choice, systems such as call waiting, call forwarding or message bank can be set up for those few times your assistant is not available.

Will my customers care if my assistant has an accent?

In my experience no, the customer will not mind so long as they can clearly understand them and that they have been well trained and know what they are talking about. One of our highest employment criteria’s is a “native accent”.

Who is responsible for training my assistant?

You Are – Virtual Trade Assistant will assist with the training of your VT Assistant by providing basic standard operating procedure templates, however, every business is different, and fine tuning your operating procedures or developing your unique operating procedures is up to you. All businesses will develop their personal operating procedures for every task over time, which will assist you, your current employees, your future employees and will help you build a saleable business.

Will my assistant ever not be available?

Your assistants are only human, and like any local employee will occasionally need to take time off work for sick leave, personal leave or holiday leave. Very occasionally your assistant may not be able to work due to failure in local infrastructure. You and your assistant will have a system in place for when they are not available to ensure this has a minimal effect on your business.

What are Special Service Assistants?

Special Service Assistants are offshore experts in their chosen field. They are charged out at an hourly rate, so you only pay for what you use.

Our current team consists of:

Website Developers – From $25 per hour

Software and App Developers – From $30 per hour

Graphic Designers – From $22 per hour

Video Editors – From $22 per hour

Writers – From $40 per hour

Advanced SEO Specialists – From $25 per hour

AutoCAD Draftsman – $25 per hour

How are the assistants looked after and treated?

We know that our assistants are the backbone of our business, and as so we treat them extremely well. All of our assistants are paid well above industry standard. In addition to this, they receive private health insurance and ten days paid leave per year. Our assistants are given the option to get a government health card which entitles them to some minor benefits or to receive the additional in their pay package.

What will my assistant do when they run out of tasks?

It’s up to you on what you would like your assistant to do when they have completed their daily, weekly, monthly tasks. Personally, I have my assistant research my competitors and try and find ways I can improve my business, as well as have them complete training so that they are learning new skills which they can use in the future for my business. I have no doubt you will put them to good use, and they won’t be sitting twiddling their thumbs.